Jurassic World Slot Machine

Play free demo
Software Microgaming
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Min. bet 0,20
Min. bet 0,20
Rtp 95.45%

Like John Hammond with an amber-encased mosquito full of dino-DNA, Microgaming has extracted the very essence of 2015’s blockbuster hit sequel Jurassic World to create an exciting slots game packed with prehistoric thrills. All of our favourite human characters are here, sharing the game’s five reels with an intimidating array of the movie’s true stars – the ferocious dinosaurs themselves. Roaring tyrannosaurs, swooping pteranodons, and even the terrifying indominus rex itself can all be seen stalking across the game board, in search of oblivious holiday-makers to munch.


As you’d expect from a blockbuster movie tie-in, the audio-visual presentation of Jurassic World is top-notch. Combining high-quality imagery from the movie with a stirring, dramatic soundtrack, Microgaming has yet again achieved a suitably cinematic experience with this slot game that’s sure to set pulses racing as long as the reels are spinning.

Bonus Features

The Jurassic World slot game is as packed with exciting bonus features as the park itself is with things that want to eat you. The iconic Jurassic Park logo provides the game’s Wild symbol, completing matches with any other symbols on the board.

The famous mosquito preserved in amber that started the whole franchise in motion is a Scatter symbol in this game. Landing two of these will turn them both Wild, completing matches with other symbols, while landing three will trigger Jurassic World’s main bonus round and send us on a desperate journey across the dinosaur-infested island. There are three bonus rounds available, each representing one of the movie’s key locations and each providing its own unique mixture of free spins and Wilds. At first, the destination of our bonus round journey will be assigned at random, but once you’ve mastered the island by triggering 15 bonus rounds, you’ll be able to navigate to the bonus round of your choice.

Finally, there’s the Indominus feature. Like the genetically-engineered super-dinosaur it’s named after, this feature strikes suddenly when it’s least expected, boosting random wins with a ginormous multiplier. With a potential winnings boost of up to 1000 times our bet that can trigger at any time, the Indominus Rex feature will keep us on the edge of our seats, waiting to hear the roar that means a big win is on its way.


The movie was a big hit and this expertly-crafted tie-in has proved as big a smash with slots fans. Microgaming has captured the excitement and adventure of the film with great graphics, compelling sound design, and more thrilling bonus features than you can shake an ankylosaurus’ giant, spikey tail club at.